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The method behind the summer madness.

Legal Evolution’s summer publication schedule started Sunday with Jason Barnwell’s magnificent post on designing knowledge work, see Post 159, and will continue each week until Labor Day.

When I launched Legal Evolution in May 2017, it was a solo enterprise, with me providing all the content.  Over the course of the last three years, however, it’s evolved into something else.  This summer, we’ll feature long-form deep-dive content from at least a dozen different authors.
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Right now, adoption is more important than invention.

We are at the end of the beginning of one of the most terrifying periods in modern economic history.  An unexpected outside event has created massive unemployment, acute under-production, and isolated instances of tragic over-production all at once.  We are creating a fiscal crisis and waiting for

TermScout is a direct outgrowth of the IFLP ecosystem.

We formed the Institute for the Future of Law Practice and its predecessor, the Tech Lawyer Accelerator (collectively “IFLP”), to test a number of concepts about legal education.

One such concept involved seeing whether an appropriately designed law program could duplicate the results of a leading

We have a rare opportunity for a large immediate impact on the legal sector. Let’s not miss the boat.

It’s now ten years since I became aware of Professor Bill Henderson and his efforts to evolve the legal profession, and roughly eight years since Bill invited me to join a small group called the Skin

Amish barn-raising in Wayne County, Ohio.  Click on to enlarge.  Photo by Randy Fath on Unsplash

An essay for lawyers over the age of 55, plus anyone who knows one.

In his viral essay, “It’s Time to Build,” tech entrepreneur Marc Andreessen argues that the colossal institutional failures