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So I’ve been asking myself, “How can I be helpful?”

On Legal Evolution, I usually write about business and legal technology.  But since my wife is a charge nurse in an intensive care unit in New York City, the seriousness of what we are living through is inescapably close to home.

I am not going to write about the situation and conditions in her unit because whatever I write is sure to change by publication time. But I thought some readers might appreciate some of the exceptionally unusual challenges for our home and work lives and how these experiences have rapidly changed my perspective, all for the better.  I hope others in the legal sector — which, it turns out, is not as essential as healthcare — will find these thoughts helpful.
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Seven steps to create a first-tier tech team

Three years ago this month, the law firm I work for was founded. See 35 Lawyers and Staff Spin Off to Launch Litigation Boutique Tanenbaum Keale LLP, BusinessWire, January 25, 2017.  To get Tanenbaum Keale (TK) off the ground, there were a ton of moving parts to manage.  But one of the most important was development of a technology support team that could fully support the firm’s strategy for being one of the nation’s premier mass tort litigation firms.
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Legal technology platforms, including PaaS, explained.

When you’re closing in on the end of your second decade doing something, as I am in the legal technology field, you’re going to experience many transformations.  And I think it’s safe to say that, in the field of technology, the pace of change is not dissimilar to the springtime waters of the Copper River in Alaska when salmon swim into the rushing rapids — a lot of effort to travel a short distance to achieve a critically important goal.
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