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Marc Lauritsen, president of Capstone Practice Systems and author of The Lawyer's Guide to Working Smarter with Knowledge Tools, is a Massachusetts lawyer, technologist, and educator who helps people work more effectively through knowledge systems.  He has taught at five law schools, done path-breaking work on document automation and decision support systems, and run several software companies.

Combing through the past to prepare lawyers for the future.

I’m offering a new course this fall at Suffolk University Law School in Boston called Shakespeare and Knowledge Technology.

Odd combination, right?  I know. But hopefully not as odd as you may think.

Especially in their final year of study, many law students are bored with academics and anxious to get out into paying practice. Courses that delve into seemingly unrelated subjects, like early modern literature, offer respite. Courses that provide hands-on exposure to cutting-edge legal technology kindle much positive energy. Why not both?!

Bear with me for a moment while I talk about Shakespeare. Then I will explain how he provides a great context for learning about knowledge tech.
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