So I’ve been asking myself, “How can I be helpful?”

On Legal Evolution, I usually write about business and legal technology.  But since my wife is a charge nurse in an intensive care unit in New York City, the seriousness of what we are living through is inescapably close to home.

I am not going to write about the situation and conditions in her unit because whatever I write is sure to change by publication time. But I thought some readers might appreciate some of the exceptionally unusual challenges for our home and work lives and how these experiences have rapidly changed my perspective, all for the better.  I hope others in the legal sector — which, it turns out, is not as essential as healthcare — will find these thoughts helpful.
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If you have something worth sharing, send it along

What was important last week seems completely irrelevant today.  Thus, instead of focusing exclusively on our editorial content, which was carefully planned through May, Legal Evolution is turning to its readership to explore what’s important and worth sharing.

Legal Evolution’s readership is not large (~6,500 sessions / 4,750 unique users during a big month), but it’s very distinctive, made up of innovators and early adopters from law firms, legal departments, legaltech, NewLaw, law schools (faculty and students), regulators, consultants, government agencies, public interest organizations, and the BigFour.  For the next several weeks or months, a sizable portion of this remarkable group has a lot of extra time on its hands.  This creates a very large space for reflection, which is the seedbed of creativity.  It’s hard to overstate the potential social value that could flow from this otherwise dire black swan event.
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