The Centre Pompidou calendar in Paris, France. Photo by Curtis MacNewton on Unsplash.

The method behind the summer madness.

Legal Evolution’s summer publication schedule started Sunday with Jason Barnwell’s magnificent post on designing knowledge work, see Post 159, and will continue each week until Labor Day.

When I launched Legal Evolution in May 2017, it was a solo enterprise, with me providing all the content.  Over the course of the last three years, however, it’s evolved into something else.  This summer, we’ll feature long-form deep-dive content from at least a dozen different authors.
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A worksheet to help innovators avoid failure

The graphic above is worksheet designed to aid the development and adoption of legal innovations. I created it for my “How Innovation Diffuses in the Legal Industry” courses at Bucerius and Northwestern Law (downloadable PDF available here). This past week, I had the opportunity to present it at LMA’s P3 Conference in Chicago.
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Big corporations are growing faster than the rest of the economy. It is not hard to figure out where this is going. Lawyer acceptance is different story.

Many lawyers and law firms claim to serve the middle market, often describing how they deal directly with owners and executives rather than in-house counsel. Although these clients