If you have something worth sharing, send it along

What was important last week seems completely irrelevant today.  Thus, instead of focusing exclusively on our editorial content, which was carefully planned through May, Legal Evolution is turning to its readership to explore what’s important and worth sharing.

Legal Evolution’s readership is not large (~6,500 sessions / 4,750 unique users during a big month), but it’s very distinctive, made up of innovators and early adopters from law firms, legal departments, legaltech, NewLaw, law schools (faculty and students), regulators, consultants, government agencies, public interest organizations, and the BigFour.  For the next several weeks or months, a sizable portion of this remarkable group has a lot of extra time on its hands.  This creates a very large space for reflection, which is the seedbed of creativity.  It’s hard to overstate the potential social value that could flow from this otherwise dire black swan event.

Over the next days and weeks, we’ll be grappling with how much our personal and professionals lives will need to change. Although the passing of the pandemic may enable us to return to our prior normal lives, it’s possible — perhaps even likely — that some of us will refuse the opportunity.  What we are living through is too big a shock to the system to not cause us — or enable us — to re-evaluate what’s possible and what’s important.

If true, it’s worth converting Legal Evolution to a public service channel so that these thoughts can be documented and shared within this distinctive community.

Publication guidelines?

I’m open to pretty much anything, as this seems like the wrong time to constrain one’s imagination.

If something is under 500 words, please send along via email, which I’ll do my best to promptly acknowledge. If you’d like your views published anonymously or without full attribution, I’m happy to consider it.  If we’re lucky enough to have themes, I may group them together.  If you want to publish something longer and more substantive under your own byline, send me a short pitch via email with a link to your bio.

As a starting point, we’ll publish content as it comes in, not according to any fixed schedule. This is an an experiment borne out of a desire to be constructive.  Let’s see what comes over the transom.

NB:  As long as our regular authors can do it, Sunday longform will continue on the current bi-weekly schedule. See Post 113.

View of Dunn’s Woods behind Indiana Law on the last day of winter 2020 (Mar. 19, 2020). Note the flowers planted by IU groundkeepers. There’s important work ahead for all of us.