For today’s feature (Post 260), Legal Evolution is pleased to welcome back guest contributor Randy Kiser, whom I’ve previously described as the “preeminent scholar of the U.S. legal profession” and the “world’s leading authority on legal decision making.” See Post 110 (reviewing Kiser’s scholarship and surprising career along with his most recent book, American Law Firms in Transition).

Post 260 focuses on the confluence of Millennial attorneys, COVID-19, and the imperative of legal innovation—in short, a critical analysis of where the legal profession finds itself, unexpectedly, as we enter the autumn of 2021.  It includes excerpts from his chapter in the upcoming book, Accelerating Trends in Law Firms, edited by noted law firm consultant Peter Zeughauser.

Randy’s previous posts on leadership (Post 111) and innovation (Post 205) have generated significant interest across Legal Evolution’s domestic and international readership.  Indeed, it is this type of incisive, high-protein content that has come to exemplify our very best longform content.   See Post 061.   Thus, we are exceptionally pleased to welcome Randy back.

In addition to Randy’s essay, enjoy your Labor Day Holiday.  wdh.