She has the gift of attention.

The above 4-minute video comes from my Deliberative Leadership class at Indiana Law.  It is 3L Autumn Seib giving her required call-to-action speech via Zoom during our final class (Tuesday, April 21).

Because of the coronavirus, nursing homes are very much in the news.  But Autumn’s speech has nothing to do with COVID-19.  For five years, Autumn worked as a housekeeper in a nursing home. It’s how she paid for college. In the above video, Autumn describes what she learned. It’s a truly beautiful message that, with Autumn’s permission, I am sharing with readers.  By the way, Autumn now works part-time at the Reminger law firm in Indianapolis, where she hopes to become a trial lawyer. I think she’ll connect well with juries.

HT to Professor Linda Ginzel, whose Choosing Leadership workbook clued me in on something important.  Chapter 5 suggests that we write out the timeline of our lives with “punctuation marks” for important events.  Autumn had six punctuation points, including “Fall 2012, I start my job at the nursing home.” Now I know why.