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#GreatExpectations for the #GreatReset: A five-part series

Among Legal Evolution readers, Jae Um has a very large following for the simple reason that no one else has her combination of data mastery, knowledge of strategy, insider perspective, and sheer wit and intelligence.  As is often the case with folks this talented, the demand for Jae’s insights has far exceeeded her available time.  Indeed, for much of the last two years, Jae has been preoccupied with solving very difficult problems for a major global law firm.

But alas, after much coaxing on my part, Jae Um is returning to Legal Evolution with a five-part series titled “#GreatExpectations for the #GreatReset,” which starts today and will run through MLK Day.  It appears that Jae has been storing up her incisive observations, as we are treated to some amazingly original and insightful data analyses on not only law firms but corporate clients. Indeed, to the extent that BigLaw is making big 💰 [an auto-emoji, not a cheap imitation of Jae 🙋], it’s because big corporations are committing more and/or bigger bad acts.

Jae is authoring a new — and more balanced — narrative on the market for corporate legal services.  Getting this narrative into focus and telling it well is the highest, best use of Jae’s Um talents.  It is also long-form legal commentary at its best.  Congrats to Jae Um for authoring something truly special. Enjoy today’s Part I (216).