As editor of Legal Evolution, I am pleased to announce that Evan Parker is joining Legal Evolution as a regular contributor.

Many readers likely remember Evan’s guest post from the fall, where he presented compelling data showing that, controlling for a wide range of factors, law firms with a higher percentage of diverse attorneys are significantly more profitable.  See Parker, “Missing in Action: Data-Driven Approaches to Improve Diversity (074),” Legal Evolution, Nov. 25, 2018 (+$180K per partner). In Post 086, Evan takes on the task of measuring law firm culture in the London-UK market, showing how data from Legal Cheek’s Insider Scorecard can be used to create and guide a strategy for associate-level talent.

I don’t need to reprise Evan’s amazing qualifications. In the editor note that preceded Missing in Action (074), I wrote, “Evan Parker is the most experienced and sophisticated data scientist currently working in the legal industry.” Post 073.  However, I can provide one update.  Earlier this year, Evan went out on his own and founded Parker Analytics. If you’re a law firm or legal department that wants to build your data strategy on gold standard empirical methods, you might want to give Evan a call. The analysis in Post 086 proves my point.