Legal Evolution is proud to welcome contributor Jason Barnwell.  Regular readers are likely to remember Jason from the detailed write-ups of Microsoft’s Trusted Advisor Forum on Innovation, see Post 068 (by me); Post 069 (epic post by Jae Um), as Jason was the person who was charged with creating and implementing this very important strategic initiative.

There were two reasons why I asked Jason to consider contributing to Legal Evolution.  First, I was impressed with his immense brain power, intellectual curiosity and energy. I witnessed these attributes firsthand back in September ’18 at Microsoft.  But I also see them on a regular basis via an internal-external Microsoft listserv run by Jason. See Post 068 (sharing examples of topics and resources curated by Jason).

Second, I have never met a young lawyer who was more systematic, deliberative and explicit in pursuit of professional development and its desired end state, which is professional excellence and impact. For many years, part of my research has been cracking the code on lawyer success. I do this because I want to bring the data back into the classroom to share with my students. With Jason, I see someone making equally large investments in acquiring and developing big picture ideas, technical knowledge, personal EQ and mentoring relationships, both giving and receiving. I tell my students to play the long game, but Jason is one of the few who can set the pace for his generation and the rest of us.

Jason is now in his early mid-career.  He’s a thought leader I very much want to listen to. I hope you share my enthusiasm.  Jason’s initial post, “Bricklayers and Architects (080),” is an extraordinary reflection that reveals what Jason has learned so far.

Jason Barnwell at the whiteboard during Microsoft Trusted Advisor Forum on Innovation, Sept 2018. See Post 068. [Click on to enlarge.]