Collecting data to evaluate how they work together

The relationship between different business functions and legal teams is fundamental to the speed, adaptability, and value achieved within their individual functions and, by proxy, the organization itself. But what is that relationship like?

Factor and World Commerce & Contracting are pleased to collaborate on research to examine this important topic. The goal of our 10-minute survey is two-fold: to determine how each team views the other, and the perceived value of what each team contributes in respect to the contracting process; and to predict how these functions may change in the future. In doing so, we will evaluate the contracting process from all sides and analyze both processual and social barriers to streamlining workflows.

By participating, you will gain insight into how the interplay between Legal and the business is changing and how this is affecting the value achieved from contracts and relationships. All responses remain confidential, and results will be disseminated to participants when the survey is complete.

Click on the link here to access the survey.  Many thanks for your help!