Professionalism is plotting a major comeback.

With each passing week, it’s becoming clearer that many state bars and supreme courts are getting serious about regulatory reform.  One of the many fruits in this effort is the above presentation, which I encourage readers to review and download.

The presentation was prepared by Alice Mine and Brian Oten, senior staffers of the North Carolina State Bar, as part of their foundational work with the NCSB Committee to Study Regulatory Reform. The key takeaway is that there is a lot of parallel regulatory actions and activities taking place across the US. Indeed, when pulled together like this, the sheer volume is surprising.

Yet, even more promising is the fact that key players from each jurisdiction are sharing notes and experiences with each other, which is a display of professionalism at its very best.  Indeed, it is starting to feel like the early stages of actual momentum. Sure, this process is bound to last more than a generation. But if one is thinking like a fiduciary, that’s all the more reason to start now.

Earlier this week, I spent two hours with the NCSB Committee.  (I am also willing to share my presentation.)  Similar to my experiences in Florida, Arizona, Oregon,  Illinois, and California, these are smart, thoughtful people who understand the importance, urgency, and complexity of their work.  It appears that in some corners of the profession, professionalism is alive and well and plotting a major comeback.