This week’s featured contributor (Post 166) is Lori Mihalich-Levin, a partner in the Health Care practice at Dentons in Washington, DC, and the founder of Mindful Return, an organization that helps new parents navigate the back-to-work transition. The full philosophy of Mindful Return is contained in Lori’s 2017 book, Back to Work After Baby: How to Plan and Navigate a Mindful Return From Maternity Leave.

I was introduced to Lori earlier this year by one of my former students, Faegre Drinker partner, and super-connector, Libby Baney.  Libby was extolling Lori’s creativity and passion for improving the attorney-parent experience—a topic personal to Libby—and insisted that Lori and I have an introductory call.

The call went very well, as I was fascinated by Lori’s founding of Mindful Return and the impact it appears to be having among attorney-parents, a subgroup that has seldom been organized but has no shortage of talent and challenges.  It turns out that a little organization goes a long way toward improving job satisfaction and retention.  Leave it to a successful lawyer and mother of a 1 and 3-year-old to make it happen.

I hope you enjoy today’s founder story of lawyer-author-innovator-parent Lori Mihalich-Levin (Post 166).  It’s an important one, as it’s backed by solid data and reveals something that is very much within our reach.