The seven-person team at Areias & Associados

Today Legal Evolution is proud to publish the founder story of Areias Advogados, a Portuguese business law boutique with offices in Chaves, Porto, and Lisbon. The story (Post 164) is written by David Salgado Areias, the 36-year old managing partner.

Eleven years ago, after obtaining first-rate business law credentials, David turned down opportunities to work in Portugal’s largest corporate firms in favor of returning to his hometown of Chaves. The goal was to build a different type of law firm with his father, a sole practitioner with a solid base of clients and a mind open to his son’s innovative ideas.

After a decade of experimentation, David’s venture is bearing fruit, as Areias Advogados has become a magnet for energetic talent ready to embrace new practice methods that benefit both clients and lawyers.

To younger Legal Evolution, the message is clear—you have more choices than you realize.  Yet, to get what you want, you have to let go of the illusion of a riskless career path.   Fortunately, David Salgado Arieas’s story is a credible counterweight. On behalf of my students, I say “thank you.”