The LexBlog Network includes more than 1,000 legal blogs and 23,000 authors, including Legal Evolution.  Twenty years ago, a lawyer would have to travel to a law library to access the depth and breadth of content that is now available to anyone with an internet connection.

Thus, it is a remarkable achievement that regular contributor Evan Parker took home two of six Lexblog Awards for Exemplary Writing:

The official announcement is online here.

Congrats to Evan Parker, who is the legal industry’s most talented and accomplished data scientist.  The clearest evidence of this claim is Evan’s own writing, which is simultaneously weighty, precise, creative, and accessible.  That was my opinion back in 2018, when I asked Evan to write for Legal Evolution.  See Post 073. Now it’s been validated by the broader legal community.

Many thanks to Kevin O’Keefe, Bob Ambrogi, Melissa Lin and the rest of the LexBlog team for building something of enduring value.  Likewise, many thanks to the panel of esteemed judges, who took the time to review an immense amount of content.