Above is a slide deck of Legal Evolution Year 1 graphics, including (in the notes section) date, title, URL, and a short description of each graphic.

Legal Evolution’s mission is to provide lawyers, legal educators, and allied professionals with high quality information to solve very difficult industry-specific problems.  Thus, to help simplify or summarize complex information, many of our posts feature one or more graphics. Indeed, as Legal Evolution’s primary editor, I often create or locate the lead graphic before I begin writing.

Thus, on the occasion of our one year anniversary, Legal Evolution is publishing Year 1 graphics in an easy-to-use, consolidated format.  You are free to download them for your personal or professional use. If you use them publicly, we ask that attribution is given to Legal Evolution.

Many thanks for your readership. We look forward to Year 2.

What’s next?  See Introducing contributor Jae Um (050)